Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Displaying pictures

Now that I've spent a semester learning how to take good pictures, I realized that I have next to no idea what to do with them. For this weeks blog I decided to look into different ways to display good pictures and found two helpful websites.

The first, and most helpful, website was from Kodak. They had good ideas and tips for framing your photos. I didn't know that you always want to make sure to use a mat in order to protect your photo from getting stuck to the glass frame, molding and wrinkling. They had good ideas for displaying your pictures as well, such as having a high quality image enlarged to become the focus of a room. I also learned that pictures look best at or below eye level so you need to be careful not to hang them to high.

The second site was from HP and had good tips about where and how to hang your pictures. If you are worried about how a particular arrangement will look on your wall, you should cut out pieces of paper the same size as the frames which can be stuck on the wall with tape and moved around until you are satisfied. Remember to keep your frames plain because you want the focus to be on the picture not the frame! I liked the ideas about rotating galleries on your fridge or a bulletin board where you continually change the pictures being displayed.

Of course both of these sites are ultimately trying to get you to buy their product but if you ignore the blatant product placement they both have some really good advice!


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  2. Hey Hilary,
    We're glad that you found our tips on framing and displaying your photos helpful. Your pictures are great, I really like the one with your friend up on the tree, you're right she has a great smile!

    We'd love to see how you display your pictures. Please share your display with us at our photo projects community site?

    Community Manager
    Kodak Tips & Projects Exchange